82 Bridge Rd, Strathtulloh VIC 3338

Melton City Little Athletics Centre

Health Policies

Healthy Food Choice Policy

The Association/Regions/Centres will ensure that a variety of healthy food choices are available at competition and various activities.

Smoke free Policy

All areas under the Association/Region/Centre venues are to be smoke free.  No smoking or vaping is permitted anywhere within sight of parents & athletes this includes clubrooms, change rooms, toilet blocks, spectator and competition areas. 

Sun Protection Policy

Association/Region/Centres are encouraged to provide shade structures at venues and make available SPF15+ or higher sunscreen. Athletes and Officials are advised to wear hats and carry drink bottles to events.

Responsible Alcohol Management Policy

There is to be no sale or consumption of alcohol during the conduct of any Little Athletics events. Where alcohol is consumed at functions the Association/ Region/ Centre will comply with Liquor Licensing Victoria regulations. For more detailed information on these policies, please refer to your Centre Policy Forms that must be signed off as part of a Centre’s affiliation with the Association.

Animal Policy

No dogs permitted at venue during training or competition.

COVID-19 Protocols

Covid Requirements – subject to change as per Government requirements.

Extreme Weather Policy (Melton City LAC)

Melton City Little Athletics Extreme Weather Policy

(does not apply to LAVic Region or State Events)

Melton City Little Athletics, Competition Director/s in conjunction with the President will exercise the authority to postpone or cancel events if conditions pose an unacceptable risk to health and safety of participants, officials or spectators. 

1) In extreme hot weather conditions a ‘Total Fire Ban’ restriction will act as the mechanism for review of the event. 

2) If on the day of the event, extreme heat (36.3°), high winds, wet weather, lightning and smoke/dust are impacting on the ongoing operations, the Competition Director/s may decide to modify the schedule of relevant disciplines to protect athletes, officials and other participants from exposure to the elements or physical stress.

Heat (36.3°):

Competition Directors will monitor the BOM weather forecast for “Strathtulloh”, where the temperature reaches 36.3° events will be abandoned.   On days of predicted high heat, long distance races (not including walks) will be moved to the beginning of the program (where possible) or the program will be modified.   In the case of a twilight event the start time of program may be delayed.


If lightning is noticed at the venue, all activities will be temporarily suspended. Participants, officials and committee should seek suitable protective cover.    A 10 minute timer will start, should there be no further lightning activity, events may recommence.  However, if further lightning is noticed within the 10 minute timer, the time will restart.   Should the timer reset 3 times, at the conclusion of 3rd period the Competition Director/s in conjunction with President will determine if the event is subsequently abandoned.

Storm / Hail storm:

Should this occur all activities will be suspended by the Competition Director/s – participants, officials and committee should seek suitable protective cover and await further advice from Competition Director/s.

Heavy Rain:

If it is raining heavily, and there are safety concerns, activities may be discontinued for a period of time and conditions reassessed to determine whether activities should continue.   Athletics is an outdoor sport and light or passing rain will not mean cancellation of an event.

It is possible that none of the above circumstances are met, yet it may still not be safe for some children to compete (e.g. they may have asthma). In this circumstance it is the responsibility of the parent / guardian, not Melton City Little Athletics to determine if the child should compete.

Extreme Weather Policy (Little Athletics Victoria)

Little Athletics Victoria have provided this policy regarding Extreme Weather: Click here to view