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Melton City Little Athletics Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions that the centre gets asked:

When can I join Little Athletics?

The Little Athletics year begins in October and runs through to the following September. You can register at any time during the athletics year, providing the child is between the age of 5 and 16.

More information about young children and eligibility please click here.

How important is ability?

Our emphasis is on fun and fitness and family. Children can join with any level of skill or fitness. The aim is to encourage your children to improve each week and to perform personal bests.

What is available for children with disabilities?

MCLAC encourages and welcomes children of all abilities to compete at Centre, Region and State competitions. We aim to provide an inclusive environment where all children feel welcome and comfortable to participate.

If your child has a physical or intellectual disability, please contact the centre. We will work with you to enable your child to participate as fully as possible in the program.

How are the children's performances monitored?

All performances in all events are recorded during the weekly program. You can access these results online through Results HQ
All results are usually uploaded within 24 hours of competition, so that you can monitor and assess their progress.

What is expected of athletes?

Children are expected to participate regularly in the weekly competitions. They MUST wear the correct uniform with registration patch. (Compete in at least 60% of available programs to be eligible for championships and presentation day). They should be encouraged to try every event, even if they feel they are not good at it or it is not their favourite event. Children are expected to behave according to the Code of Conduct stipulated in both the Centre Handbook and Website.

What are the events?
  • Sprints: 60m/70m/100m/150m/200m (depending on age group)
  • Long Distance: 400m/800m/1500m (depending on age group)
  • Hurdles: 60m/80m/90m/100m/110m/300m (depending on age group)
  • Throwing: Shot put, Discus and Javelin/Vortex (depending on age group)
  • Jumps: Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump/Scissor (depending on age group)
  • Walks: 700m/1100m/1500m (depending on age group)
  • Relays: at Region and State competitions.
What about safety, insurance and first aid?

Each Centre has a safety policy and Insurance is provided by LAVic.
A suitably qualified volunteer provides First Aid at the Centre.
If your child sustains an injury during competition, please ensure it is reported to our first aid officer.

'No Patch, No Result, No Exceptions' - What does this mean?

'No Patch, No Result, No Exceptions' means that is a competitor is not wearing their Little Athletics Victoria issued Name Patch, their results will not be recorded against that weeks competition. If you have misplaced your Name Patch, please see Riana (Registrar) and she can organise a replacement for $5, which goes to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. This is not an immediate replacement and will be available the following week.

Training Information

Melton City Little Athletic Centre will endeavour to hold regular training sessions during the week to assist athletes.

Current schedule Monday and Wednesday’s 5:00 - 6.30pm. Training is optional but encouraged as training can improve the confidence and skills of athletes.

5.00-5.45pm – Under 6 to Under 10

Training for the younger kids has an emphasis on fun and participation and personal improvement. The majority of activities are based on game like activities that teach fundament movements and skills rather than focusing on performance.

5.30 – 6.30pm – Under 11 to Under 17 (Varied Track & Field)

Training for the older kids aims to provide encouragement and development in different aspects of each athletic event. The focus is on the correct technique of event specific skills and personal improvement.

5.30 – 6.30pm – Under 9 – Juniors Only (Friday Half Track – Half Strength Work)

This season Friday Training is targeted toward athletes wishing to compete at Region & State Events

Training is provided free to all paid registered athletes of MCLAC.

Subject to change or cancellation as per rules of competition changes.

You MUST NOT Drop & Leave your child at training.


What Parent Participation is required?

Little Athletics is a family activity. This means that as parents/guardians, you are not only expected to support your little athletes as parents, but also help out in delivering the program by helping with rostered duties.

MCLAC can only deliver its events to your children because everyone plays their part. When registering your child, you have agreed to be available and assist with duties throughout the season.

As part of this, we expect all families to fulfill duties throughout the season (or contribute in an official role). By doing so, you can help contribute to the centre that is helping your family.  This also ensures your children are eligible for Centre Championships and end of season Presentation.

It is important to remember that the Centre cannot operate and provide a smooth and efficient program without the support and work that is done by all volunteers. Each week we need approximately 66 officials/parents to be able to conduct all events successfully.

The Centre does not expect any person to be an expert or to have any previous experience. You will be advised what to do and if you have any doubts, see our Committee Members, we are very willing to provide assistance and are very approachable for advice or clarification of rules. You will find quickly that the job is not as hard as you think.

Information and updates will be sent via email through LAVIC and our Centre.

What is expected of Parents on competition days?

Little Athletics is a family activity. This means that as parents, you are not only expected to support your little athletes as parents, but also help out in delivering the program by helping with rostered duties. Other parents take on official or committee roles.

Parents are expected to assist with the successful operation of Little Athletics by carrying out duties throughout the season. Parents are also expected to behave in an appropriate manner as outlined in the Code of Conduct policies stipulated in both the LAVic in the “Parents Handbook” provided upon registration, and in this handbook.

Can I 'opt-out' of the Mailing List from LAVIC?

Yes, you can 'opt-out' of the Mailing List from LAVIC but this means you will be also 'opting-out' of emails from our centre, including information about Championship Day, Special Events and Presentations.

Will my child receive an award at the end of season?

All children who have participated at least the minimum number of times throughout the season (60% of all available programs) and athletes parent/guardian have carried out allocated parent duty during the season will be eligible to receive end of season trophies/awards.

For each weekly event that the child competes in, they receive points based on their placing and/or performance. These points are accumulated and are used to calculate end of season results. 1st, 2nd and 3rd trophies in both track and field will be presented to both boys and girls in each age group on the basis of the points system.

All other eligible athletes will receive a participation trophy.

Presentation day is held approximately 1 month after the conclusion of our Track and Field Season along with our AGM.

What other forms of competition are there?

During the season, your child may participate at:

  • Open Days (details provided in the handbook)
  • Western Metropolitan Region Track and Field Competitions (Under 9 to Under 17 only)
  • Western Metropolitan Region Relays (selected by Centre Committee - Under 9 to Under 17 only)
  • State Championships (if qualified or progressed from Regional Championships)
  • Cross Country season during the winter months
  • Western Metropolitan Region Cross Country
  • State Cross Country Championships (if qualified or progressed from Regional Championships)
    Note: These events may incur extra costs